My Valentine became my husband-my feb 14th wedding #1000years

So how was it?

“Nail biting, weird feeling in stomach kinda feeling” oh but it was awesome! and just as I thought, it was and remains one of the happiest days of my life. So let’s revisit the day together…

We stayed in separate houses, but the houses were right next to each other (so he and his groomsmen stayed at his mother’s house while I was next door by his uncle, with my girls too of course)

3 days to the big day

So this would be a Thursday, I got my hair done (hairdresser’s name is Natalie). My maid of honour and best friend-Samantha stayed with me while I got my crotchet braids done.  It started raining and Natalie ran out of hair to finish the style I wanted,  Samantha tried to source an extra pack of Cuban twist braid-after about 3 unsuccessful tries, Natalie said she might have some of the same brand of hair at home.  So she wrapped my “unfinished” hair in a cute little to style  until the next day for her to officially complete my hairdo.  Sam and I then got our nails done by Keisha. Pretty much that is how we spent the entire day, mean while my fiance was out and about getting his hair trimmed and collecting suits for him and his groomsmen.


Who would have thought the entire middle section of my hair wasn’t finished 🙂

2 days to the big day

The Friday morning started off with me accompanying Gerald (my then fiance) and his groomsmen to get their custom made white clarkes for the wedding (I thought they should’ve just gotten ordinary dress shoes, but who am I to tell the men about their style?) Yes everyone kept saying we weren’t to see each other but we tried everything to defy them.  You just cannot expect us to be apart for so long yet have us so close to each other?-NO WAY!!! He took me to pick up Samantha and then dropped us by the salon to finish my braids. Friday night was our pre-party/bridal shower/bachelorette/idle with friends and family night-(that is a whole other drama to tell)

1 day to the big day

Oh yes…Saturday-rehearsal day! Samantha and I met with the photographer-Everton to discuss the details for the pictures and video-where were getting dressed etc.. then we met up with the rest of the gang to meet with our wedding planner Ms. Benjamin for a run through of what I/we wanted for the bridal party, music..entrance..everything.  So inspired by one of my favourite television series “Glee” I wanted my bridal party to dance down the aisle to Bruno Mars-“Marry you” which meant trying to get everyone to be comfortable enough to dance with as much energy and spunk as my favourite scene, this was definitely where we needed our wedding planner…IMG_20160207_000708

Wedding day!! Sunday-February 14, 2016 (Valentines Day)

Ok so I really wanted to see him, I tried glimpsing through the window to steal a peek but my bridal party would not have it! they did everything to hide us from each other.  I kept hearing his voice but that was it, not seeing him just made me more nervous.  Speaking of nervous, I could not write my vows! my hand kept shaking and it became the ugliest handwriting I have ever seen! So I said you know what I am just going to “wing it”. My girls came by about 10 am and we all got dressed together, the photographer and videographer was also present sneaking in some interviews and snapping us having some fun while getting our make-up on.  It then hit me…I AM GETTING MARRIED! so in came the nervousness associated with heavy breathing and my heart beating out of my chest…so my Samantha says to me with her sweet heart “HELLO NO BADDA WID IT!”(translation-“don’t even think about it”- for my readers who don’t read patois that well)

Sammy 20160216_153044

yep that’s all I needed, so my bridesmaids all got dressed and left us in the room for a moment alone.  Their car was already outside waiting for them so they headed out for the wedding at the Bridge Palm Hotel. By the time I got dressed, we realized that the car that was to be outside for me had left along with the bridesmaids car (guess I wasn’t the only one nervous?)



From left-Shanese Watson, Philishea Garnett, Shanise Stewart, Crystal Morrant (bride), Samantha Taylor, Janiel Morant and Vanessa James

At the Hotel

Arriving at the hotel and seeing everyone staring at the car driving in was a feeling of “omg I think I know why Julia Roberts became the runaway bride”.  I watched through the car window as the bridal party did a good job of my “Glee” performance.  Then it was my turn…Daddy met me at the car door and escorted me out, he said “you are looking beautiful, almost teary-eyed so I started laughing at him, he realized my feet was wobbly so he tried cracking jokes while we walked down the aisle.  One of my favourite lines was “why are you worried, I like him”. All the while I am looking at Gerald handsomely dashing up there at gazebo in his all white suit, staring head on at him as he turned around to see me for the first time as his bride-bride…I read his lips and he said “WOW” and then I was “OK”. He came down to meet me and as daddy placed my hand in his, he kept saying “wow”. We went up to Pastor Bulgin and we officially started the ceremony.


From left-Jamar Morant, Leeroy Barnes, Gerald Morrant (groom), Jordan Andrews, Michael Dacas, Andre Morant and Dennis Stewart.

The Vows

Who’s idea was it to write our own vows?-oh yes! Gerald! so please explain to me why he was the one to chicken out? (lol) he repeated about 3 times “this world cannot describe how much I love you...”I watched his eyes get filled with tears and his bottom lip kept trembling, it was the cutest thing to watch, he finally finished a few sentences, pretty much committing to be my best friend throughout anything and still loving me even when I get miserable…I vowed to pretty much do the same…(hahaha). We jumped the broom and officially started the life of “Mr and Mrs. Morrant” with a clean sweep! and to share the love for our friends and family in attendance, we gave out mini brooms as souvenirs.


The reception was all about playing games and having fun, reflecting the way we love each other, it was never about following traditions it was and remains us loving each other the way “we” do, which is a professional, casual, childish, mature, immature, spiritual, idle, contagious, passionate and intoxicated kind of love. Looking back I would not change a thing…


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