Ripples of Love

My emptions were unstable at about 8am-

In the middle of the craziness a song started playing…

Somewhere in the song, before the chorus, I wandered off…

I had flashbacks of some moments like:

  1.  When you made me laugh so hard until I felt like I was losing air
  2.  That day you arrived at the airport and I ran to you like nothing else mattered
  3. That day you took off your shirt for me to lay on it
  4. The way I felt when we kissed for the first time
  5. That look on your face when you smile and how it makes me feel when I see it
  6. The first time I witnessed you being jealous
  7. The look in your eyes that day you thought we were over
  8. That look in your eyes when you saw me in my wedding dress for the first time
  9. The way your lips trembled when you said your wedding vows
  10. The first time you danced for me…

By the time the song was about to end, when the volume started fading out, I smiled and remembered how much I love you.

My emotions were stable by 8:06am because when it comes to you, nothing else matters.



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