Love in any language

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My story

It’s because I love me enough for the both of us why nothing you do can break my joy.


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Carry dem back!


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Mek unu so bare face and bright!

Di people dem cyah walk in piece?

All inna broad day light unu a come tief dem offa di streets?

Unu do all sorta foolishness fe tek weh people pickney-

Unu ole emotional vampire!

Wolves in sheep clothing unu disguise unu self as employa

Bout opportunities for employment!

Unu wicked nuh brute! Preying pan poor people jus to sodomize our youths!

No conscience unu nuh have! –

Wukkin dem out, prostituting dem out, selling us like we a jus another item pan a shop shelf

Wen u ago look inna dem eyes an see a reflection of yuhself? Eeh?

See say we a human like you! Have a home jus like you!

Who is you fi come modernize slavery an tek we against we will?

I not sure what worst- being raped, abused or being killed

Unu ole murderer! Vampire! Ole wicked brute

Who is you fe come traffic we youth!

But I leave the Child Development Agency to yuh!

A leave the Government to yuh!

A leave the Women’s rights to yuh!

A leave the Police dem to yuh!

A leave the tears and the screams of every mourning and weeping loved one to yuh!

A leave the wrath of God to yuh!

Ole wicked!

Ole murderer!

Ole rapist!

Ole tief!

Carry dem back! Me say fe carry dem back!

Carry dem back and Stop!!!


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Tell me about your pain…not having a million dollar car while many roam the streets hungry and homeless

Tell me about your sadness…not getting to make that vacation trip while so many are robbed and killed

Tell me about your insecurities…not having long straight hair while someone died yesterday for being BLACK

Someone got robbed for being rich

Someone got beaten for being white

Someone got abused for being a woman

Someone got punished for being poor

Tell me about your desire to end your life because you can’t seem to find a reason for living

While someone searches for a miracle for their terminal illness because they just want one more day ALIVE

Tell me about your SELFISHNESS!

Another chance

Let go of what was, and embrace what is

Be courteous to at least one person and let it trickle to thousands

One good deed each day changes at least 365 lives

All this power you never acknowledged you had

If you are reading this, you are alive

If you are alive, then you have the chance to do and be anything you think is best!

Happy new year!!!

Let go and let love

Love may be too difficult simply because the process is so simple

To put one’s happiness ahead of yours and make a sacrifice with no benefit to yourself is to give in completely

This makes it difficult, because the truth is we will always hold on to a piece of ourselves in a selfish attempt to look out for our own well being

So how then can you say you have truly loved when all along you have kept a small piece of yourself?

Love is too simple, we fail because we overthink and when we overthink we have held back a piece of ourselves and when we hold back, we have failed to love

Tribute to Mom

Perfection does not mean the exclusion of flaws

Just as Success does not mean always getting it right

Perfection means staying true to who you are

Success means staying optimistic in aid of perseverance

Which all combines to define strength

Then when you mold a woman with all these characters

She is defined as a strong woman

A mother

My mother

So thank you for staying true to you

For leaving footprints that I can never fill

But prints that I can use to guide myself

Happy Mother’s Day for all the years to come

Happy Birthdays for all the birthdays to come

And even Happy Heroes day for always being my HERO.



For all great women…mothers…daughters…females

Dawn Lindo


The wind almost went away with me

I stood by watching as small pieces got swept up and floated away

Almost frozen I stood there, subconsciously knowing something wasn’t right though

So I drifted…for a while

But now I have moved myself from where I stood

And I am taking back all of me that the wind drifted with

Someone almost ran away with all of my stuff…someone almost ran away with me”

…inspired by :For Colored Girls