Come away with me

Let us just forget about reality for a moment…

and then those moments when we forget…let us make those moments last forever

…Come away with me…please?


My box of CRAYONS

A box of crayons so I can colour the world as I see it

Maybe I will colour the trees purple instead of green,

The sky pink instead of blue-

For the life of me I think water should have a colour…mmm maybe aqua?

I wonder if God had a box of crayons when he painted this world?

Looking back would he have coloured me BLACK? if he knew colouring you WHITE would cause a war?

What about the LATINOS? what colour would he have used if he knew all the conflicts and disunity it would cause

Or maybe he saw it the way I do…seeing a box of crayons and thinking how BEAUTIFUL they look TOGETHER…

RED, BLACK, WHITE, PURPLE, PINK, GREEN, then we mix them and made a COLOUR WHEEL

If we can see the RAINBOW as beautiful with all its colours…why then do we have RACISM?

for the life of me…I just love my box of CRAYONS!


Someone forgot to tell you that you are a seed

Sometimes things will go off balance and in the midst of your growth you lose a few leaves here and there

Maybe your root is tampered with a little and you wither down somewhat

But then the universe grants you showers of rain and ray of sunshine

and before you know it, you are blossoming again

Someone forgot to tell you, that you are a seed.

Tears of sunshine

Wearing a frown on that face is like vandalizing fine art

Rather, showcase your fine art complimented with smiles and peace of mind in this gallery called life

Having nothing more than tears of sunshine

Because nothing is more important than your happiness and happiness is contagious.