Drained 1

Out of many one people

Is that only applied to Africans and Indians?

But what if I am a lesbian

What if I don’t decide to be a lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold a “man

And not even me, my brothers too who are beaten everyday, for holding hands and singing songs

and sometimes it is not even real

Sometimes they are branded for putting a foot on stage in a theater to entertain you

Because I wear a ring on my thumb, I am forced to choose to your beliefs and your choices

As though it is wrong to be me

Freedom of speech? No I choose the freedom to leave


John: (enters with roses at the grave) Forgive me my love

Crystal: How dare you come here?

John: I had to come; I tossed and turned in my sleep at nights-

Crystal: -Yes because of your guilt!

John: I miss your voice, you touch, that sparkle in your eyes when you smile-

Crystal: Oh shut up and go to hell! I had a life (cries)

John: You were full of life

Crystal: Life that you took!

John: I love you!

Crystal: Fuck you! (Panting)

John: I remember our wedding day, church bells rang, –

Crystal: family members happy and gay

John: From the homes to the chapel everyone knew it was my day

Both: Everyone knew it was my day

Crystal: for you proposed, mom said it was long overdue consumed in joy I had to pinch myself

to see if its true

John: I knew I was lucky, for at your feet men would drop dead, you blossomed down the aisle,

The perfect smile, perfect dress; I waited anxiously at the altar-

Crystal: you waited?

John: I waited…

Crystal: John I waited! Those nights you didn’t come home I waited! Those trips you claimed

You were on-I waited! You did nothing right !  You were the worst husband ever! Even for

For a little climax I waited forever! Five minutes tops! Then you roll over and fell asleep

like a big fat duck!

John: I remember us making love..(chuckles) me the bedroom bully

Crystal: John yuh cah do f..-

John: -finishing last as usual , you are ever so weak when I’m done, I miss you, I love


(A woman calls John): Honey!

John: Coming my love! (running to her)

Crystal: “my love”? That is what he called me, after those nights when he would come in

Beating me to a pulp .for not wearing something sexy, something mesh!

(crying) he beat me! …he killed me! ..I am now his past

Hear him calling her “my love”?

Same script different cast…


 Umm in case you missed it 🙂 **Crystal** is actually a ghost who argues with her husband at her grave side, the husband (John) cannot see her. This piece was performed by me and a friend of mine (Olando Dempster) at a Lunch Hour Concert held on the UWI.Mona Campus.