Like…my love

Don’t just love me with words, love me like a lifetime movie because no one really knows that fairytale isn’t real.

Why can’t you love me like…

You can’t breathe if I am not next to I could flirt with another human being but my love for you would make it hard for me to sleep so why waste my time…kinda love

Love me like nothing else makes sense I’d rip my heart out of my chest and give to you if yours stopped beating…like I can’t do airport trips if you are not struggling behind me with your suitcase because you packed too much clothes for a weekend trip…kinda love

Why can’t you love me so much that tears come when you hear a song that has nothing to do with me but because the lyrics are talking about break up you cry at the idea that the song could ever be us one day…kinda love

The kinda love where you see a couple with kids and already imagined my head on that person because you can’t wait for that to be us…kinda love

Matter of fact …why can’t you simply just love me the way that I love you so that I don’t have to write poems about wanting you to love me the way that I love you….kinda love

.. – Crystal

……kinda love


Talk to me

Have you ever tried talking to yourself? Trying to convince yourself that you are OK ? You literally trying to have the audacity to use reverse psychology on your own mind because you know how vulnerable your heart is. How dare you try to stand there and take advantage of your own feelings while your weak, because you know it was any other day…when you were happy and strong… That shyt would not fly!

Stop lying! You are not OK…


– Crystal

Learning Love

There are moments when I look back on our journey and I learn each day to appreciate

every tear,

every sweat,

every broken promise,

every battle

because only then would I be able to love you the way I do

I place God between us and my love around you.

  • Crystal

Smile with ‘Aunty C’

Crystal (Blake) Morrant, writer and creator the children book series ‘Aunty C’, shared the story behind her inspiration on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica on Wednesday May 31, the last day in Child’s Month. What better way to end the month dedicated to children , than to show off your new children’s book series “Aunty C”

This she did on the popular morning programme on TVJ – “Smile Jamaica”


“We are all aunties and uncles for our nation’s children” – Crystal (Blake) Morrant sharing her inspiration for the title of her children’s book series entitled ‘Aunty C’ on Television Jamaica’s Smile Jamaica program.

About Aunty C

Aunty C is a children’s book series for children aged 3 to 6 years. The book aims to foster parent–child interaction and to encourage early childhood education through reading, tracing, connecting dots, colouring and matching …just to name a few.

Each book introduces a different stage/level of learning for children such as learning the alphabet, forming letters and numbers, counting, connect -the-dots and reading and so much more! Currently, there are 6 books in the series:

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Feel free to support or reach out to ‘Aunty C’ via  Facebook and Instagram @AuntyCKids or send an email to for more information.

© Copyright 2017 Crystal (Blake) Morrant.
Aunty C Children’s Books and its contents are the property of the writer Crystal Morrant. No portion of Aunty C Children’s Books may be performed, reproduced or used by any means, or disclosed to, quoted or published in any medium without the prior written consent of the writer-Crystal Morrant

Ripples of Love

My emptions were unstable at about 8am-

In the middle of the craziness a song started playing…

Somewhere in the song, before the chorus, I wandered off…

I had flashbacks of some moments like:

  1.  When you made me laugh so hard until I felt like I was losing air
  2.  That day you arrived at the airport and I ran to you like nothing else mattered
  3. That day you took off your shirt for me to lay on it
  4. The way I felt when we kissed for the first time
  5. That look on your face when you smile and how it makes me feel when I see it
  6. The first time I witnessed you being jealous
  7. The look in your eyes that day you thought we were over
  8. That look in your eyes when you saw me in my wedding dress for the first time
  9. The way your lips trembled when you said your wedding vows
  10. The first time you danced for me…

By the time the song was about to end, when the volume started fading out, I smiled and remembered how much I love you.

My emotions were stable by 8:06am because when it comes to you, nothing else matters.