Happy Birthday Mom



Caught up with yourself



Your best film!

This world is your stage…everyday is a new act or scene

You decide if you want to make your life into a Movie or just a Play

Will it be about adventure? comedy, drama…a musical… romance?

Maybe all of the above?

Who are your main characters?

Who are your extras?

If your actors let you down along the way, do not sweat it, just audition for replacements


Take your manuscript and write your best film!

After all, years later, while sitting on your porch, you want to smile at what you produced



Invisible rope

It’s saved me many times, my invisible rope, unseen but felt between my palms when needed

So many high cliffs I’ve come close to the edge to fall but so far I have been held back


Sometimes I’ve thought of taking my self to the edge to end it all…but there is something keeping me together

Someone maybe?

Or anything, my invisible rope can be trust, hope, faith, a memory, someone I love, someone I think loves me or a reason to be available tomorrow-

Something to pull me in when I am about to fall off life’s high cliffs.

I think God is my invisible rope


Her flame lights the seas, she guides lonely hearts home

She stands there, alone, in the dark as a muse for you

Every pain she feels is not her first time, but she repeats these harsh realities for you

She knows how it feels to be lonely, what it means to be ignored and heart broken but she risks it all to learn how to love you

Even in the roughest weather, she stands there still, cold and battered, guiding you home with her flame

She is your light house…even though she knows that on your good days, your brighter days, when you no longer need her, you will overlook her-

She stands here still, in the middle of the seas, waiting until you need her light again