Smile with ‘Aunty C’

Crystal (Blake) Morrant, writer and creator the children book series ‘Aunty C’, shared the story behind her inspiration on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica on Wednesday May 31, the last day in Child’s Month. What better way to end the month dedicated to children , than to show off your new children’s book series “Aunty C”

This she did on the popular morning programme on TVJ – “Smile Jamaica”


“We are all aunties and uncles for our nation’s children” – Crystal (Blake) Morrant sharing her inspiration for the title of her children’s book series entitled ‘Aunty C’ on Television Jamaica’s Smile Jamaica program.

About Aunty C

Aunty C is a children’s book series for children aged 3 to 6 years. The book aims to foster parent–child interaction and to encourage early childhood education through reading, tracing, connecting dots, colouring and matching …just to name a few.

Each book introduces a different stage/level of learning for children such as learning the alphabet, forming letters and numbers, counting, connect -the-dots and reading and so much more! Currently, there are 6 books in the series:

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Feel free to support or reach out to ‘Aunty C’ via  Facebook and Instagram @AuntyCKids or send an email to for more information.

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A Slight Reader of an Untold Story

My heart is like a book-

A book which you opened one day-

You read every page

And understood each chapter

You helped in resolving a story

Which lives on forever?

The story of a lover, who cried each day,

A story of love for which she prayed,

A story of a heart who searches for a home,

A story of a dreamer, who sits patiently by her phone,

Awaiting a call of hope,

A call of reassurance,

Awaiting nothing too demanding,

But for a simple chance,

A chance to be happy,

A chance to be free,

Who is it that will cry for me?

The book was on a shelf,

For so long gathering dust,

Never given a chance to leave which is unjust,

At last! The book was raised from that constant position it has rested

Happy to have been pitied but sadly still not dusted.