Happy Holidays to you & yours



Happy Holidays!

simplified-christmas-tree-wallpaper-backgroundFeel the Christmas breeze, watch the pepper lights!

Count the white washed stones and the houses painted bright-

Colours overflowing, people in their “Sunday best”

Sound systems all over, every corner hosting a Christmas fest!

Smell the sorrel, cut the cake and drink up the fine wine..

Tell the stories, share the jokes, smaddy must drunk by midnight!

Share a coin, spare a meal, lend a helping hand

Tis the season, a special season to share love across the land

Let the lovers stand under the mistletoe- just to share a kiss

Let the kids write to send Santa their long Christmas list.

Whatever your story is, whatever Christmas means to you

I wish you a merry one! may your dreams and wishes come true

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!


From the Blake, Morant, Lindo & Haughton family, happy holidays & all the best for the new year!





Silver bells

silverbellsclusterblogMaybe wishes really do come true

Maybe someone is really watching from above

Maybe there is meaning in all that way we do

Maybe there is still hope for love

Just don’t stop believing even when it gets rough

Because even if a little faith is all we have, sometimes that is enough

May you have joy this season

and the days after that

To the challenges ahead I say…

Cheers! eat cake and get fat!

Under my Christmas tree-For Samuel Morant

I wish I could wake up and see dad under the Christmas tree

That maybe the heavens returned him for Christmas

A part of you feels like it’s life and you are expected to understand and move on

But when I look at the pieces I see parts of him everywhere

Like today, how do I put the pieces together when today is his birthday?

Torn between missing him, being strong for the family, feeling like a piece of me is missing and still trying to be happy for the festive season

but its a Christmas without dad,

But I express it a day at a time, one tear at a time

Remembering to make every moment special

So in honour of him I remind all of us to not delay love

Let love flow everyday, tell relatives & friends how you really feel as often as you can

because its the worst feeling to have so much to say today that you should’ve said yesterday

I wish dad was under my Christmas tree

but I take comfort in knowing that on my Christmas tree, the angel on top will be filled with pieces of Dad.

In honour of Samuel Morant & the Morant family

Colour me christmas-Happy Thanksgiving

Colour me days with wishful cheers and laughter

All shades of pigment on the choir sings in unison

Colour me days of mistletoes and love

Family getting together at least once per year

Colour me days of remembering what this season means

and remembering the ones who didn’t get to see it

Colour me happy, colour me Christmas-Happy Thanksgiving!

Something purple

   It wasn’t just his smile, his voice nor his touch

It was my life, my reason to smile this morning

It wasn’t just a visit, it was my reason to feel like I had something to live for

he is everything I dream of, those nights when I would sit imagining things and making up stories

but now he is my story, my fairytale beginning because it is still being written

Something purple because he pays attention to details

like my favorite color, my favorite song, my favorite food

The details to make me smile or feel needed

My Valentines day was yesterday and Christmas was a little after 5pm when I saw him standing there waiting to see me

Someone needs to find this man and tell him how much I love him

no matter the stanza or the length of the poem or the title I feel like there was more I could’ve said

so Dear reader you tell Gerald I love him with every inch of me because I don’t think I fully told him