Fondling fingers

Why do you tease me with all this candy but tell me not to touch it?

Does this sick joke, get you off somehow?

Fondling with my fingers trying to fight the urge of holding it, just once

In reality I want to have my way with the cookie jar, turning it inside out and emptying its contents

I am going mad somehow from wanting to bite a little more than can be chewed

But somehow I am still desiring to swallow

Looking from across the room at something I cannot have, and all the while you tease me, I sit here fondling my fingers


Dining fine

What I want was never on the menu

I thirsted for your lips, your eyes….to be held in your arms

to walk out knowing you’re mine

maybe my appetite was too much…but I watched you from across the room with hungry eyes

Craving your dark…chocolate velvet skin

Relaxed by the melody of your voice

I want to dine with you… catered by you

Wherever you are now becomes my favourite spot


Even if it’s no where

It will always feel like candle lit dinner on the roof with you


—————————————————— For: Jaldair


Our… gasm

I look at you carve such intricate details into a blank space

making something of what once seemed simple but now transformed into something eye popping

Would you be so kind to carve into me the fine details of your persona

Let me learn the thin lines of your lips and pull me into the soul of your eyes

Transform me into your gold medal piece

The piece you want them to envy but will never own

I want to be your prized possession

Your “Mona Lisa” 

create the 21st century Michealangelo

Mould me into your love

soft hands them around me like the finest art of pottery fruitgasm

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Dreams are for little girls

I met him today,

The most handsome creature I have ever seen, with lips that make me thirsty

His eyes seem to have all my answers, captivated when we speaks

His clothes rest on him like they made it just for him

His mind so creative, so powerful, so interesting…

I tell you – I met him today

Something about him made me break the rules wanting to write another poem

But I must tell someone!

This lust is bursting inside me and I have no one to share it with than ‘you’

So Dear Diary,

I met him today…

The one I saw on twitter but never dreamed to speak to so close, his voice I’d hear through his Sunday articles

But today I met my writer, my philanthropist, my wish to be like in this career

But the truth is.. along with his fine leather matched his wedding band

Some other blogger had already claimed the painting I lust for

So I settle with his tips on how to be an entrepreneur

The closest contact would be when I read his bio and introduced him to the class

And as he makes his final presentation and exits the door, I am just his past

So I am back on twitter making another sub-tweet about my art work

Another poem I know he won’t see, but at least ‘you’ see it, Dear Diary,

I met him today… at least I thought I did.

From a distance…

Every day for the past couple weeks it’s been about him

Not knowing what to say or do when he’s on the phone with me

Wondering what his impression would be if he knew…

Knew that I breathe his smile…

Knew that I live on the hope of hearing his voice

That I love that the semester is so complicated… because now I have—

A reason- a reason to hear him, a sure topic to talk about

Am I scared? No … I am terrified…

For all I can do is imagine that he signs a contract of his heart to me

That each time he smiles it’s not out of charisma but because he feels the same

That one day he will ask me to be his and his only and I’d bear that name

For he’s my saint…my imaginable knight who makes first everything not so bad by simply being in it

I thirst for not only his response to my questions but to drink from the fountain of his lips

I am his and his only…and he? My Saint