Girl meets boy…

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Once upon a time a girl met a boy-

He taught her trust, happiness and friendship

She taught him love, fun and adventure

Their story didn’t make it to a romance novel but it did make for a good comic

They were two chapters into the book of life.

A girl met a boy… a good boy, who grew into a man

Sad to say she now writes her story with sadness in her heart

Because that man died….

But the story of girl meeting boy…will not be forgotten

For the Benjamin family in memory of Dwaine Benjamin

aka Kenchy


Under my Christmas tree-For Samuel Morant

I wish I could wake up and see dad under the Christmas tree

That maybe the heavens returned him for Christmas

A part of you feels like it’s life and you are expected to understand and move on

But when I look at the pieces I see parts of him everywhere

Like today, how do I put the pieces together when today is his birthday?

Torn between missing him, being strong for the family, feeling like a piece of me is missing and still trying to be happy for the festive season

but its a Christmas without dad,

But I express it a day at a time, one tear at a time

Remembering to make every moment special

So in honour of him I remind all of us to not delay love

Let love flow everyday, tell relatives & friends how you really feel as often as you can

because its the worst feeling to have so much to say today that you should’ve said yesterday

I wish dad was under my Christmas tree

but I take comfort in knowing that on my Christmas tree, the angel on top will be filled with pieces of Dad.

In honour of Samuel Morant & the Morant family

I wish I had a magic wand

Things within my control I can handle

I can adjust

I can change

I can prevent

I can provide solutions

If it was entirely in my power, you would never know what sadness is…

But unfortunately sadness is one of those things outside of my control

So when you cry

When you look sad

and down

and feel hopeless

When I have to sit by and watch you break apart emotionally

A piece of me sheds with each tear you cry


Things within my control I can handle

To see you sad…I can’t …just can’t



For Gerald and his family…and everyone who has ever been asked to accept that you might lose someone you love


Guardian Angel

She is not gone, just promoted ….higher love, higher title…from Mother to Guardian Angel

For: Michelle and the rest of friends & family of the Adamson family


I should cry because nature took back one of my most prized possessions

but then again I should smile because a mother on earth is a guardian angel in heaven


I should cry because she is gone either way

but then again I should smile because she is not forgotten,

who could forget her, not me, not my family, not my friends.


I should cry because she is not with me

no wait, that is a lie, she lives through me

I am her daughter, a reflection of her runs through my veins

Her memory lives in my heart, and i managed to snap some of them with my camera


So she never really left did she?

She cannot touch my hands anymore but she lives in my soul

So even though I might not be aware of it, I know she is in this room, this place, this heart

And that’s even closer than before, since once upon a time she couldn’t open my room door if i closed it


Now as my guardian angel, that is 24 hours of non stop affection

why cry? I never lost her, she just got promoted.



A Mother’s Cry

She remembers the pain she felt

When he came

She wondered and searched for

The perfect name

She was the first to feel his touch

No other being could love him as much

As she does, he’s her bundle of laughter

She stood by him even with the absence of a father


She taught him, she was a teacher

She stood strong, she was a father

She embraced him, she was a mother

She provided, she was a bread winner

She was there for his first steps

Her name was his first words, she’ll never forget

She watched him grow into the man

His father was not

She saw him as an angel, she loved him a lot


And now you took him away

And expect her to live out the days

While she remembers, while she mourns

It was yesterday for her that he was born

She died, when he died

No emotion compares to a mother’s cry