Girl meets boy…

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Once upon a time a girl met a boy-

He taught her trust, happiness and friendship

She taught him love, fun and adventure

Their story didn’t make it to a romance novel but it did make for a good comic

They were two chapters into the book of life.

A girl met a boy… a good boy, who grew into a man

Sad to say she now writes her story with sadness in her heart

Because that man died….

But the story of girl meeting boy…will not be forgotten

For the Benjamin family in memory of Dwaine Benjamin

aka Kenchy



Sometimes I get lost…

In my own thoughts…

In my fears…

In my dreams…

In my happiness…

I sometimes take a step forward and then realize I am at the same place tomorrow-

Because my body moved, but not my mind

I’ve come to realize my mind has a lot of unresolved issues…

Until then, I’ll forever be…lost


Rate me X

because I don’t want to be mindful of screams and moans

Rate me X’

The neighbours next door might hear but I don’t care

Rate me X

because I don’t want to bite nails and talk in codes

Rate me X

so that I can say dirty things, stupid things, things that Disney wouldn’t recommend

Rate me X

like the things banned from cartoons

Dressed in nothing but our tattoos

Dine between my thighs

drink from the fountain of my lips like fine wine

Make traces of your journey on my skin so that I may be reminded in the morning

Rate me X

Unleash the true colours of daddy’s little girl

Be the memory I can never share with children

Rate this …X

for: @JayFizze



Perfect Fit

Skips, push ups and a few abs

Smiles, tweets and some time for school

maybe a random outburst and a blond moments

But all in all he is a perfect fit


Mentions and Dms a few instalove here and there

Time set out for the gym gear

I’d watch him from a distance

Not close enough to stalk but its quite interesting how he makes me laugh

You would want to follow either by tweet or to the gym

“Awesomeness” he calls it when defining him

A work out, laughs and study time…

Its just Korz: the perfect fit


For: Korz @KorzKruf3sional

Mr Wrong is Right in a Wrong way

Trolling through the zoo and of all the animals I chose you

I passed the cute foxes playing

Only smiled at the rabbits

Waved to the adorable cubs in their cage

Tempted to feed the ducks but I didn’t

Took a picture of the elephants but deleted them after

But look at what I chose as my pet? – A Viper… venom, deadly creature to deceive me

or maybe that explains it, you deceived me

Trolled through the zoo and of all the animals I petted a Snake


Inspired by TheNarcissistWrites:

No I do not know him personally, just randomly visited his blog and liked it (._.)

To: you From: me

Looking for the most suitable phrase to say how much I love you

It has to be perfect!

“You are my prized possession, it’s like a pup burying his favourite bone

Almost like a mother’s first child or being rewarded with your first blue ribbon as a child

I have had many pretenders walk amongst my shores,

Embracing nature they say when in truth they were just mere fisher men seeking to rob me of my gold-

But not you, you have taken time to view my sunsets, interpret my art and formed images of me in your mind

You have taken time to form an opinion, an honest opinion

You have remembered me and I trust you always will

You have been my biggest fan, collected most of my pieces and have hung them high in your gallery

I’ve remembered to love myself through a reminder of your love for me

and should this blog be banned tomorrow, I’ll forever remain a writer in your eyes”

I’ll rip this sheet from my blog and crush it

Because I am still searching for a way to say how much I love you

It just has to be perfect!

For: Thromizzle

Guardian Angel

She is not gone, just promoted ….higher love, higher title…from Mother to Guardian Angel

For: Michelle and the rest of friends & family of the Adamson family


I should cry because nature took back one of my most prized possessions

but then again I should smile because a mother on earth is a guardian angel in heaven


I should cry because she is gone either way

but then again I should smile because she is not forgotten,

who could forget her, not me, not my family, not my friends.


I should cry because she is not with me

no wait, that is a lie, she lives through me

I am her daughter, a reflection of her runs through my veins

Her memory lives in my heart, and i managed to snap some of them with my camera


So she never really left did she?

She cannot touch my hands anymore but she lives in my soul

So even though I might not be aware of it, I know she is in this room, this place, this heart

And that’s even closer than before, since once upon a time she couldn’t open my room door if i closed it


Now as my guardian angel, that is 24 hours of non stop affection

why cry? I never lost her, she just got promoted.