Just once…




Sometimes I get lost…

In my own thoughts…

In my fears…

In my dreams…

In my happiness…

I sometimes take a step forward and then realize I am at the same place tomorrow-

Because my body moved, but not my mind

I’ve come to realize my mind has a lot of unresolved issues…

Until then, I’ll forever be…lost

Fantasy 1

Indoors, you cooked we watch a movie (romance or some chick flick) at the end of it, you tease me about the show, maybe let us re-enact the romantic or comedic part of one of the movie scenes. You tell me something, anything about how you feel about me, you kiss me like tomorrow is not certain, you blind fold me, tell me take deep slow breaths, so I can truly feel each touch you make, you bring your body so close to me I can feel your heartbeat, you kiss me slowly, my ears, neck, shoulders, hands, back, stomach, my thighs, you run your lips on me after putting something cold in your mouth, you come close enough to kiss my lips but tease me instead making me beg for it. You play one of my favourite songs and you dance on me touching me caressing me like my personal stripper and while we make love in the middle of it, you come to ear and say “I am going to take the blind fold off so I can look into eyes while I make love to you” and you just make sweet love to me staring at me like your looking into my soul ….


Craving it,

it’s like I need it to survive, I want to visit the stars

reaching the peak like a wolf on a full moon

I want to evolve into that beast, unleashing my darkest thoughts

It’s my secret I want to share with you,

No holding back, nothing but our tattoos on,

just skin

I want this moment to be just one of those nights….