Dear Moon,



Missing treasure

It’s a familiar feeling what you do to me,

I have felt this before-

Many times,

The lump in my throat, tears gathering behind my eyes

while I lie to the world and fake my smiles.

It’s almost a routine to me now.

After all the shimmer, at the end of the quest, it was only a fool’s gold.



A song called…

google image

Thoughts of you flow through my mind like classical music…

WAVES of emotions trickling …teasing my senses

AROUSED by flashes of your eyes, the way you smile

I’d touch you and make beautiful music

You make love to my mind when I see your face…I squirt fantasies of passion with you

The distance is unbearable but close enough to not drive me crazy…yet

This song is endless, the chorus is contagious…

this a bed time song…

daylight song…

this song… is called kate

Fondling fingers

Why do you tease me with all this candy but tell me not to touch it?

Does this sick joke, get you off somehow?

Fondling with my fingers trying to fight the urge of holding it, just once

In reality I want to have my way with the cookie jar, turning it inside out and emptying its contents

I am going mad somehow from wanting to bite a little more than can be chewed

But somehow I am still desiring to swallow

Looking from across the room at something I cannot have, and all the while you tease me, I sit here fondling my fingers

Day 6 (15/11/13)

Dear Diary

I saw him, not in person but it was good enough ..for now

his smile is still there, his crazy laugh and those beautiful eyes

i cried because i wanted to touch him so badly

he is 24 today and as I wished i started 12 am with him

Dear Diary please explain to me why i love this man so much??

it is as if he helps me to get oxygen

i crave to have him beside me

i can’t screw this up,,, i love him too much

It’s day 6! and I am madly in love


–bright eyes– Happy Birthday!

Day 5 (14/11/13)

Dear Diary

I’m still counting, it is the only way I can focus

for me it is long but at least day 5 is better than day 1

I miss him Dear diary it seems no one can distract me from the loneliness

even among friends i still think of him

i am afraid that he doesn’t miss me as much

I am afraid that me not being near him leaves him vulnerable

Dear Diary it is day 5 and i am thinking too much


—bright eyes —



Dreams are for little girls

I met him today,

The most handsome creature I have ever seen, with lips that make me thirsty

His eyes seem to have all my answers, captivated when we speaks

His clothes rest on him like they made it just for him

His mind so creative, so powerful, so interesting…

I tell you – I met him today

Something about him made me break the rules wanting to write another poem

But I must tell someone!

This lust is bursting inside me and I have no one to share it with than ‘you’

So Dear Diary,

I met him today…

The one I saw on twitter but never dreamed to speak to so close, his voice I’d hear through his Sunday articles

But today I met my writer, my philanthropist, my wish to be like in this career

But the truth is.. along with his fine leather matched his wedding band

Some other blogger had already claimed the painting I lust for

So I settle with his tips on how to be an entrepreneur

The closest contact would be when I read his bio and introduced him to the class

And as he makes his final presentation and exits the door, I am just his past

So I am back on twitter making another sub-tweet about my art work

Another poem I know he won’t see, but at least ‘you’ see it, Dear Diary,

I met him today… at least I thought I did.