Just once…



The Mysterious Girl

Her heart has been her biggest diary

Such emotions she feels no one will understand

She is complicated to many and crazy to the ones who tries to define her

But that is what people do when they can’t understand and she understands that

They know her name but not her heart and that is how it ought to be because such emotions no one will understand

So it is best she keeps her secret
keeps her heart….

After all, people never quite understood how to treat hearts

They somehow end up breaking it every time…and she knows this feeling all too well.

I just can’t stop!

Whispered a little prayer before I got around the wheel then before you know it

I am hitting every speed bump!

Cops trying to chase me but they just can’t catch up!

I’ve hit a few pot holes, swerved around a few corners and even ran off the road couple times

But I just took a few minutes on the side of the road and grabbed my map out

After having a look at where I am going I got back on the road

Sometimes I even went through some dirt tracks before I got back on the highway

but either way its one direction! going north! non stop! testing the full potential of this engine!

Cause baby when you got goals! and you got dreams! not even the cops can stop you on this journey!

Beat the limit!




I’ve placed my back against the wall, I need to know something is behind me

Seated on the floor, planted here, so I am sure I cannot fall

In a corner…because I need to feel as though I’m in control of what is around me

I rock back and forth trying to make sense of this

In this empty room … not even a mirror to see myself

So I am sure I am alone

I’ll sit here until something makes sense

This is what life is for me… an empty room with nothing- not even mirrors

I’ll rock back and forth trying to ignore the silence of what once was a wild space

I’m cornered without you…but for some reason

I think you already know 

Dining fine

What I want was never on the menu

I thirsted for your lips, your eyes….to be held in your arms

to walk out knowing you’re mine

maybe my appetite was too much…but I watched you from across the room with hungry eyes

Craving your dark…chocolate velvet skin

Relaxed by the melody of your voice

I want to dine with you… catered by you

Wherever you are now becomes my favourite spot


Even if it’s no where

It will always feel like candle lit dinner on the roof with you


—————————————————— For: Jaldair


I’m OK

Next week may lead us in an argument

better yet maybe the day after tomorrow

I could find out you lied to me

or some secret you have decided not to share

My hopes may go up in flames

and I might find myself next week, writing an angry poem


Right now I am smiling, I am comfortable

I am humbled, I am having dreams children have of a fairy tale

I am looking among nature and everything looks like a heart or your name

or our faces

Right now I am not thinking of tomorrow

or the day after that

or next week


Today I am OK


Our… gasm

I look at you carve such intricate details into a blank space

making something of what once seemed simple but now transformed into something eye popping

Would you be so kind to carve into me the fine details of your persona

Let me learn the thin lines of your lips and pull me into the soul of your eyes

Transform me into your gold medal piece

The piece you want them to envy but will never own

I want to be your prized possession

Your “Mona Lisa” 

create the 21st century Michealangelo

Mould me into your love

soft hands them around me like the finest art of pottery fruitgasm

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Identity uncertain… just standing there in the desert,

In this heat, thirsting for water or maybe love

Those thorns you put up to keep me away, they are not strong enough

You try to hide your abilities to bloom such inner beauty

Who would’ve thought such fruit could blossom from thorns?

But i saw it before you even started… that something great could come from what you hide midst the thorns

Don’t stand like a cactus… remove your thorns and give me a chance to love you



A Fool Who Fell

Last night I saw myself standing in front of you

Shouting…crying… threatening to punch a hole in your face

Saying the same lines I had said some months ago to a different cast

“How could you expect me?-

To function throughout the day,

When in every direction,

You stand at some point in my way”.


I ask myself,-

Am I stupid to have chosen you?

But I take comfort in knowing

Lovers are usually fools


But I guess its just like Tom fools when the attractive person preys on the victim

And like a fool in love ..we submit

We always fall for the odd ones,

The ones that everyone despise,

At the end it’s either as predicted,

Or a hopeful surprise.

At the end of the day it is a risk I guess, one I think I’ve taken too much

Because in my love story, there is no Prince

It’s just another April fools.

The Way You Say It

It’s the one body

Its just one name

But somehow you don’t call it the same

Everyone calls me on a regular basis

But when you do I can’t resist

The way my name rolls off your tongue

It seduces me

It’s like a love song

It’s even better with the complements of your eyes

And as you stare at me, you give me that smile


Here comes my favorite part,

When you wrap your arms around my body

And with the music between us, you dance with me

I feel your cheeks as it brushes mine

And you kiss my weak spots one at a time

Then your words flow from your lips

And at the end of every joke we both kiss

The package with you is hard to resist

It’s compelling just the way you say it