T’was a nice morning

It was so good watching you smile, hearing you laugh and feeing your touch–

Was so comforting listening to your stories and erupting in laughter to your jokes

The journey with you, no matter how short, is a source of adrenaline

I guess that’s how mornings are when you are inlove…or maybe that’s how mornings are when last night was so much fun!


Loving you blind

To love you is to carry you with me everyday, not seeing you but still feeling a connection between us…yearning to be next to you because that is where home is

To love you is to sacrifice my happiness for yours, because when you are happy so am I, either way I am smiling

To love you is to drown myself in tears trying to explain how I feel but I just can’t seem to get the right words out…or make any sense at all

To love you is to close my eyes and allow my heart to wander carelessly in the dark because I have no limits, no boudaries and intentions to stop

To love you is to love you blind…Am I making any sense yet?

Ode to a breaking heart


It’s the sort of power that clips a bird’s wing and removes the air from their feathers ending their feeling of freedom

The sort of power that washes away memories and pain when your heart is breaking

The sort of power that compels and leaves you vulnerable

The sort of power that determines when you smile and decides just how long you cry

It’s the power of love

And sometimes the most dangerous thing is when the person with this power has no clue that they have it…

Go on and cry now…

your flavour

What is your definition of love?

What makes you laugh?

What brings you peace-of-mind?


What floats your boat?

What do you define as beautiful? or sexy?

What you say versus what I say-

Because every dish can be named the same, but each will have it’s own flavor

That being said…why then do you compare your life to others?



Some time



I want to fight until the end

Break the rules and change the order

Take the risks and let them see differently.


The fight is frustrating-

Makes you want to find a dark hole and bury your challenges,

Run-as far as you can dream.

Sometimes…is just that-

It never last forever, let it last for some time and then keep moving.

Pop’ in 2016!


Pop that bottle open!

Drink to:

The friends and family you lost in 2015-we drink because their memory travels with us in the new year and beyond

The mistakes you made-we drink because we now know what NOT to do in the new year

The relationships that ended or changed-we drink because we now know some of our foes vs. friends for the new year

Cheers to!

A new year-you made it, God has spared you

New chances-who knows what will or can happen

New opportunities-take risks, live in those moments

New perspectives-whatever your thoughts are, they can’t be the same as they were before

Just in case I am too drunk to say it at midnight tonight…Happy new year!