Your scars are beautiful, they show me strength, courage and POWER

Power over the BUMPS in life and PAIN that a sad day can bring

Let me kiss your beautiful head after you have SHAVED

I watch you shed the weight

You are a NEW WOMAN, re birthed and so you must LIVE for your sisters

And your life will honour those who didn’t survive life’s BUMPS



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Call to battle

I will sound the signal and call to battle my mightiest warrior to fight for me

I will humble myself and watch from a distance the victory I am to receive

Why should I worry about a fight when I have an army of soldiers ready to stand on my behalf

The enemy won’t even see it coming and even if  he does, he cannot escape it

because when my soldiers put on their Armour, led by my crowned knight

There is no losing for me

Wah you know bout pressure?

Wah you know bout presha?

White squall tek ova yuh mouth like toothpaste

Fe get a likkle wuk come een’ like a rat race

Wah you know bout presha? Up inna yuh resorts an’ hotel suites

Wah you know bout walkin in d one shoes n watch it bruk off likkle likkle, piece by piece?

Yuh eva affe carry wata yet? wrap piece a claat pan yuh head fe rest di bucket pan?

Yuh eva affe use di hardcover book ova di coal stove an’ fan?

Gas, light, wata is precious sumin

Nuff a we cyah afford none!

Wah you know bout climbing mango tree fe dinner an’ people dog a run we dung

Wah you know presha?

Fe stand up an’ look inna yuh pickney dem eye fe an’ hear dem tell yuh say dem hungry

Yuh think a dat hot? Mek yuh know inna heart yuh nuh have nuttin fe gi dem!

Dis a di cycle fe smaddy weh poor, not less fortunate…me mean poor!

Poor mean me nuh have it!… it nuh mean we nuh have mean di pot empty!

Cupboard have cobweb!

Don’t come pretend like yuh know bout presha! Jus’ because yuh need me fe pretty up me finga wid INK

Wah yuh know bout presha! Wah yuh know bout me!

Mine yuh bruk yuh foot! How yuh fe wear heels come a bush?

Me cyah lift yuh up so yuh try nobadda drop cause from bout 3 years me a suffa wid a bad back

Take sumin for it? Me tell yuh say me cyah feed me pickney dem an’ me fe tek money spend p-an me back?

Me nuh lucky like unu enuh fe “find money” me still a search fe dat deh tree

Me yet fe find smaddy up inna di great house weh look like me…

Not di colour…but me STORY

Cause only den can unu really help poor people

When unu really undastan bout presha!

Another chance

Let go of what was, and embrace what is

Be courteous to at least one person and let it trickle to thousands

One good deed each day changes at least 365 lives

All this power you never acknowledged you had

If you are reading this, you are alive

If you are alive, then you have the chance to do and be anything you think is best!

Happy new year!!!

behind the shadows

Trembling hands, a rush of pulse not enough time to bite your nails

why me? why now? who is it? what is he going to do?

so many questions not enough time for answers

what will i do? plan a, plan b, which will i choose?

who says it is up to you?

so you wait… on him to attack first

sitting down panting but trying to keep a cool head, you hear him outside

rocking back and forth to feel a sense of control

This moment, when it is all up to you …

you could live another day and write a poem or this could be it!


but I am not “OK”

For victims who survived or unfortunately suffered from violent attacks, always remember


Woman Incorporated (Crisis Centre). Address: 18 Ripon Road, Kingston 5. Phone: (876) 929-9038. Fax: (876) 926-9418. Email: w.i.crisiscenter@cwjamiaca.

For the states hope this link helps:

I went searching

They told me to wait for the right time

as if an alarm was going to go off and make me alert

They said if I waited, someone would find me

maybe if they said exactly where I should wait, I would’ve

How can I be the maker of my own destiny if all I do is wait?

So I went searching….


I think I maybe on to something

A purpose

An inspiration

I am not sure what it is, but the fact is I found it

This may not mean lifetime of happiness but for right now my mind is occupied

Even if I am only day dreaming about the future

At least I am thinking of a future right?

I have had enough of no love

I went searching…and I think I maybe on to something 


Identity uncertain… just standing there in the desert,

In this heat, thirsting for water or maybe love

Those thorns you put up to keep me away, they are not strong enough

You try to hide your abilities to bloom such inner beauty

Who would’ve thought such fruit could blossom from thorns?

But i saw it before you even started… that something great could come from what you hide midst the thorns

Don’t stand like a cactus… remove your thorns and give me a chance to love you



A Fool Who Fell

Last night I saw myself standing in front of you

Shouting…crying… threatening to punch a hole in your face

Saying the same lines I had said some months ago to a different cast

“How could you expect me?-

To function throughout the day,

When in every direction,

You stand at some point in my way”.


I ask myself,-

Am I stupid to have chosen you?

But I take comfort in knowing

Lovers are usually fools


But I guess its just like Tom fools when the attractive person preys on the victim

And like a fool in love ..we submit

We always fall for the odd ones,

The ones that everyone despise,

At the end it’s either as predicted,

Or a hopeful surprise.

At the end of the day it is a risk I guess, one I think I’ve taken too much

Because in my love story, there is no Prince

It’s just another April fools.