Finding me…

I would like to take the time to introduce myself to myself

Show myself the strengths and confidence that exists

Reveal all the secrets, fears and doubts and begin to tell the truth to myself

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And even as I throw all these skeletons out…I look forward to learning other things myself forgot to mention when I was introducing myself to myself….

Little black bird

Who told this little black bird that she couldn’t sing?

Her lyrics tell tales of a broken heart searching for a home

That to me is a tune we all can relate

So who told this little black bird she couldn’t sing?

Who told this little black bird she couldn’t fly?

Her wings were made to rise like a phoenix

From the ashes of pain, poverty and her past

That to me is a journey we all walk

So who told this little black bird she couldn’t fly?

Who told this little black bird she couldn’t?

This little black bird sings through poetry, she flies in her imagination, a journey with no limits

So who told this little black bird she couldn’t?

Because this little black bird lives.

…………………………………………….for all birds

Images in my mind before I sleep

I’d like to start by closing my eyes

Wet, but not too wet

Just enough to moisten mine and I moisten yours

Interlocking yours with mine so tightly we have to breathe through our nostrils

Accompanied by my hands on your cheeks, travelling to your neck just about gripping your breasts

All the while swaying heads from side to side making those movie noises with scenes nominated for Oscars

Be my best supporting actress and People’s best kiss

opening other doors by putting my hands under your skirt, gripping rear ends and all the while still focused on piercing my lips

Eyes closed shut but you cheat to see if I am enjoying it

stumbling until my back rests on the wall so that this scene can rest upon something hard enough to remind this scene is real

dangerously involved, knocking over what’s on table tops until I feel something suitable to lay you down on

stealing touches from all over like I was banned all this time from touching you

I’ll make the most of it, this, this chance, this time.

The ‘jumper’

Sometimes when the world isn’t looking I imagine things

Sometimes they have to snap a finger to really see if I am ‘there

Most times I don’t get caught, I pretend as if I am ‘there

but truth is I stare into another time, another place, another world

In that world only you and I exist and I am ok with that.

Whoever ‘you‘ are…

Day 11 (20/11/13)

Dear Diary


My hair is in the wind, my feet are up and my mind is relaxed

My eyes are closed and I am seeing his face, my mom’s face and some childhood memories of my friends

That last memory was very funny, so I open my eyes and see the blue sky painted with beautiful soft clouds and I smile

Taking a deep breathe of fresh air I can hear the water from a distance

Some cold air suddenly transcend and I cuddle with myself to feel a sense of warmth and it feels good

I am somewhere, somewhere in a place filled with nothing but happiness

I know it is day 11, but I have made myself “OK”

he doesn’t need to be here for me to know he loves me

neither does my mom

It is day 11 and I am thinking about the two people that means the most to me.


==Bright Eyes and my mom===


Unknown Language part 1

Since this world has failed me and I refuse to search anymore

My mind is like my petri dish so I create … my own

I don’t know who it will be; he or she

and who cares, as long as they are with me

I’ll write the words they will speak to me; dusting off those antique books the 21st century ceases to use

We’ll build the world my mother’s,mother’s, mother’s mother lived

We will talk… not a cell phone nor a friend request

The only weapon allowed in this world… shall be TRUTH