Keep riding




Ugly an falla fashin!

Tap falla backa me!!

Mek u nuff so gal?

If me fly yuh pitch, me kotch yuh itch, yuh jus mek me blood a bwoil

Move man!

Yuh too blasted nuff

hottest ting yuh neven gud lukin..yuh damn teeth dem yellow an yuh foot back tuff

fe smaddy so ugly yuh confident doe! All a walk inna broad day light!

Mi sarry but if I was you..mi wudnt walk til nite

Yuh tan bad enuh! No sah yuh need likkle care!

Not even likkle oil fe plasta yuh bungu brush or buy piece a hair?

But den again… weh d scalp deh fe put it pan! woieee puppa jesas yuh bax dis yah one yah wid yuh lef han

Look yah nuh missis, me ago try ketch me bus …cause me fraid mi tan yah an yuh ugliness go be contagious

me ago ask me chuch sistas fe pray fe yuh! mine shawp me ask di community cause sum family sin mus did mek yuh cum yuh ugly

Fe yuh face shape nuh define yet, google still a wuk pan a software fe dat and dem still a calculate di circumference a yuh head fe try build yuh a hat!

Yuh head big enuh!!! puppa jesaz walk yah so if yuh nuh busy

cum like a young angel bax yuh pawts togedda wen him did feel lazy

woeeeee make a go inna me bus …

See yuh lata ugliness

a gwine put beauty unda u name fe me christmas wish

blasted falla fashin

badmind yuh have …. pan tap a ebbry ting else woieee

no sah make i spin two time before me step inna di bus

Nuh want no duppy falla

oyeee ugly! wen u go dovecot lata say hi to yuh fambily fe me!