T’was a nice morning

It was so good watching you smile, hearing you laugh and feeing your touch–

Was so comforting listening to your stories and erupting in laughter to your jokes

The journey with you, no matter how short, is a source of adrenaline

I guess that’s how mornings are when you are inlove…or maybe that’s how mornings are when last night was so much fun!


Your best film!

This world is your stage…everyday is a new act or scene

You decide if you want to make your life into a Movie or just a Play

Will it be about adventure? comedy, drama…a musical… romance?

Maybe all of the above?

Who are your main characters?

Who are your extras?

If your actors let you down along the way, do not sweat it, just audition for replacements


Take your manuscript and write your best film!

After all, years later, while sitting on your porch, you want to smile at what you produced



Different directions

We traveled a few miles together, I recall seeing you at the last crossroad

But somehow, you took a turn, or I took a turn, maybe we took a turn? Separate turns…

All I know is, when we started this journey I saw the destination clearly…

But now, I think we got lost because somehow we got on two different directions

The question is..how do we find each other?

Our journey

With pieces of me wrapped around your fingers I can feel your pain

I might never have the right words to say

But I am want to be your reason to go on

I can never take away the memories of the persons you have lost, and I don’t want to

But I want to be the one who gives you a reason to smile

I don’t want you to stop living because you are sad,

You miss them yes, and you always will-

Everyday won’t be easy-

But at least when you take on each day, I will be right next to you

One day at a time, that is all I ask

For Ger and to all thinking you have lost too much

Hidden pieces

Covering the marks made by the cravings

Trying to let go

Urging to hold on

Missing the pieces

Trying to accept that it is wrong

Feeling trapped in between worlds

Fighting your own thoughts everyday

Listening to them say it’s wrong to feel this way

Craving a piece of you

A piece of you that you don’t understand

Being brave sometimes but not enough

Confusing bravery with rebelling

It’s an ongoing fight…

The next step

Love yourself enough to be happy with what you have

Be confident enough to know you can earn what you need

Trust yourself to make the right decisions

Stop doubting yourself by looking in the past…

Reward yourself by embracing the future

….and never forget to love the people you come in contact with on your journey

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-If you happen to find an extra special someone who you love really intensely…don’t hold it from them, do not be scared to share your adventure with them…just take that person with you and love even more as you go…

For: Gerald & Crystal 

Internal conflict

I am in a space that is unfamiliar but I call it home

I can’t understand myself but I make sense here

I am a menace to what I am told I can’t do

I am a rebel

I feel myself crossing the borders you set

defying rules you made

You can’t control me

I am the director in my movie

I am in a space that is unfamiliar but I call it home

I am everywhere you said I couldn’t be