Our journey

With pieces of me wrapped around your fingers I can feel your pain

I might never have the right words to say

But I am want to be your reason to go on

I can never take away the memories of the persons you have lost, and I don’t want to

But I want to be the one who gives you a reason to smile

I don’t want you to stop living because you are sad,

You miss them yes, and you always will-

Everyday won’t be easy-

But at least when you take on each day, I will be right next to you

One day at a time, that is all I ask

For Ger and to all thinking you have lost too much


A star called Samuel

Sometimes, when I look at the stars

I think of you and I wonder if you really knew how loved you are

Even today, you are still in our hearts

No matter how long it was or will be later on

We will keep you close, in our hearts, you are never really gone

For: Samuel Morant (Tiger)

Dear Ms. Henry

Dear Ms. Henry,

For you I will REMEMBER how you laughed, in classes and in your office

Those jokes you told without us noticing that you were inserting a life long lesson

I will REMEMBER how you LISTENED and not just heard..you listened because you CARED

I will REMEMBER you as being more than just a lecturer,


You were a  FRIEND

I will REMEMBER talking to you on facebook because you just wanted to catch up on how i was doing even though i left college over a year ago

I would wish on a shooting star to have one more day with you again…

Just enough time to tell you THANK YOU, I don’t think I ever really said it and for you touch my life like I was the first student you got close to is POWERFUL because somehow with all the craziness in your own life, you found time to make SO MANY STUDENTS feel just the same

For you Ms. Charmaine Henry…I WILL always REMEMBER YOU.

Charmaine Henry

Charmaine Henry

Tribute to Charmaine Henry who passed away on Monday, July 27, 2015

Girl meets boy…

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Once upon a time a girl met a boy-

He taught her trust, happiness and friendship

She taught him love, fun and adventure

Their story didn’t make it to a romance novel but it did make for a good comic

They were two chapters into the book of life.

A girl met a boy… a good boy, who grew into a man

Sad to say she now writes her story with sadness in her heart

Because that man died….

But the story of girl meeting boy…will not be forgotten

For the Benjamin family in memory of Dwaine Benjamin

aka Kenchy

Rose petals for Judith

I’ll scatter rose petals in the wind for you to find me

For in your very thoughts I live

I smile each day when your heart embraces me

and from your side I will never leave

I’ll scatter rose petals in your dreams for you to see me

Whisper my name and I’ll be there

For even in times when you thought I was missing

Right beside you, I was always here

For :Judith Allen in memory of her mother

A shoulder to cry on

I am hiding behind a smile

because my only other choice leads to breaking down

I am the shoulder that persons rest on, I have never been the one to cry


If I do, I cry behind the smile that is needed so that they can all get through their days

Even while my heart aches and my inner self screams from anger, fear, sadness, grief and disappointment-

I’ll behind a smile,

because loving you means being a shoulder

And a shoulder has no time to cry



for Gerald in tribute to the loss of his father on 29/07/14 at 3:30am

and for everyone who has lost a loved one I share your sadness.

I wish I had a magic wand

Things within my control I can handle

I can adjust

I can change

I can prevent

I can provide solutions

If it was entirely in my power, you would never know what sadness is…

But unfortunately sadness is one of those things outside of my control

So when you cry

When you look sad

and down

and feel hopeless

When I have to sit by and watch you break apart emotionally

A piece of me sheds with each tear you cry


Things within my control I can handle

To see you sad…I can’t …just can’t



For Gerald and his family…and everyone who has ever been asked to accept that you might lose someone you love


A Mother’s Cry

She remembers the pain she felt

When he came

She wondered and searched for

The perfect name

She was the first to feel his touch

No other being could love him as much

As she does, he’s her bundle of laughter

She stood by him even with the absence of a father


She taught him, she was a teacher

She stood strong, she was a father

She embraced him, she was a mother

She provided, she was a bread winner

She was there for his first steps

Her name was his first words, she’ll never forget

She watched him grow into the man

His father was not

She saw him as an angel, she loved him a lot


And now you took him away

And expect her to live out the days

While she remembers, while she mourns

It was yesterday for her that he was born

She died, when he died

No emotion compares to a mother’s cry