Movin’with the punches

Maybe we will make it until tomorrow

At this point I am willing to start with at least that

Even though you are not really good for me…you still seem like a pretty good bad idea



If only I could stop time for a moment to put a stop to my imagination of what it must be like to be with you

If only I could get a moment to create a moment with you that I can hold on to forever

One of those that when our eyes meet we’d both try to hide the guilt behind our smile

I would…If i could…because imagining drives me crazy and until then I can only imagine


Google image 


Love snitch

Can you keep a secret?


Restricted by passwords

Conversations with sub-tweets

Signed to secrecy that only a guilty conscience could understand

Written in rhymes and metaphors to hide the truth

or maybe not truth but indeed to hide

Lusting at a forbidden fruit

…………………………………….. can’t write anymore I’ve told you too much already


———shhhhhh keep a secret




I’ve placed my back against the wall, I need to know something is behind me

Seated on the floor, planted here, so I am sure I cannot fall

In a corner…because I need to feel as though I’m in control of what is around me

I rock back and forth trying to make sense of this

In this empty room … not even a mirror to see myself

So I am sure I am alone

I’ll sit here until something makes sense

This is what life is for me… an empty room with nothing- not even mirrors

I’ll rock back and forth trying to ignore the silence of what once was a wild space

I’m cornered without you…but for some reason

I think you already know 


Craving it,

it’s like I need it to survive, I want to visit the stars

reaching the peak like a wolf on a full moon

I want to evolve into that beast, unleashing my darkest thoughts

It’s my secret I want to share with you,

No holding back, nothing but our tattoos on,

just skin

I want this moment to be just one of those nights….


Empty holes

Woke up today in empty sheets

Feeling as though a part of me was to be there, but it’s not

How is it possible to feel empty, yet you can’t recall feeling       fulfilled at any point either?

Am I missing something that was never there?

Looking in my mirror to a reflection of my soul and knowing in my heart something is wrong

Holding myself tight as though I am cold in this tropical climate

Knowing that maybe if you were to stand behind me and hold me I’d be ok

But who are ‘you’ what is this thing I am searching for?

How can I fill my sheets when I don’t even know what needs to be in it?

For once, just once I’d like to wake up feeling as though the empty spaces are filled

I cannot take another Month alone from you … whoever you are 

Dreams are for little girls

I met him today,

The most handsome creature I have ever seen, with lips that make me thirsty

His eyes seem to have all my answers, captivated when we speaks

His clothes rest on him like they made it just for him

His mind so creative, so powerful, so interesting…

I tell you – I met him today

Something about him made me break the rules wanting to write another poem

But I must tell someone!

This lust is bursting inside me and I have no one to share it with than ‘you’

So Dear Diary,

I met him today…

The one I saw on twitter but never dreamed to speak to so close, his voice I’d hear through his Sunday articles

But today I met my writer, my philanthropist, my wish to be like in this career

But the truth is.. along with his fine leather matched his wedding band

Some other blogger had already claimed the painting I lust for

So I settle with his tips on how to be an entrepreneur

The closest contact would be when I read his bio and introduced him to the class

And as he makes his final presentation and exits the door, I am just his past

So I am back on twitter making another sub-tweet about my art work

Another poem I know he won’t see, but at least ‘you’ see it, Dear Diary,

I met him today… at least I thought I did.

Let me prove my love to you

Maybe if you saw yourself the way I saw you you would love you unconditionally

If you loved you the way I love you you would love you passionately

If you thought of you the way I think of you then you would think of you like you are crazy

if you lust about you the way I lust about you then you would lust of you almost obsessively

and if you made love to you the way I would do you? You’d call that night…the best night of the rest of your life.

You can only imagine how sweet it is to be loved by me.