A couple of forevers



T’was a nice morning

It was so good watching you smile, hearing you laugh and feeing your touch–

Was so comforting listening to your stories and erupting in laughter to your jokes

The journey with you, no matter how short, is a source of adrenaline

I guess that’s how mornings are when you are inlove…or maybe that’s how mornings are when last night was so much fun!

Loving you blind

To love you is to carry you with me everyday, not seeing you but still feeling a connection between us…yearning to be next to you because that is where home is

To love you is to sacrifice my happiness for yours, because when you are happy so am I, either way I am smiling

To love you is to drown myself in tears trying to explain how I feel but I just can’t seem to get the right words out…or make any sense at all

To love you is to close my eyes and allow my heart to wander carelessly in the dark because I have no limits, no boudaries and intentions to stop

To love you is to love you blind…Am I making any sense yet?

My vow

If we were birds I’d have a nest for just us and every winter we would fly south together

having the cool air run through our feathers and glance at each other close to the sunrise

If we were inanimate objects I’d stand still beside you even while it rained

If we were nature I’d be the sunlight to warm your petals

Aiding in your process of photosynthesis

But since we are just humans

I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, your conscience in times of uncertainty, your muse in times of depression

Your motivation to continue, Your diary for your deepest darkest secrets

And if you ever need me for something else

I’ll adjust myself to fit those needs

I vow to be your everything and more…


The first movie we watched together