Loving you blind

To love you is to carry you with me everyday, not seeing you but still feeling a connection between us…yearning to be next to you because that is where home is

To love you is to sacrifice my happiness for yours, because when you are happy so am I, either way I am smiling

To love you is to drown myself in tears trying to explain how I feel but I just can’t seem to get the right words out…or make any sense at all

To love you is to close my eyes and allow my heart to wander carelessly in the dark because I have no limits, no boudaries and intentions to stop

To love you is to love you blind…Am I making any sense yet?


Dreams are for little girls

I met him today,

The most handsome creature I have ever seen, with lips that make me thirsty

His eyes seem to have all my answers, captivated when we speaks

His clothes rest on him like they made it just for him

His mind so creative, so powerful, so interesting…

I tell you – I met him today

Something about him made me break the rules wanting to write another poem

But I must tell someone!

This lust is bursting inside me and I have no one to share it with than ‘you’

So Dear Diary,

I met him today…

The one I saw on twitter but never dreamed to speak to so close, his voice I’d hear through his Sunday articles

But today I met my writer, my philanthropist, my wish to be like in this career

But the truth is.. along with his fine leather matched his wedding band

Some other blogger had already claimed the painting I lust for

So I settle with his tips on how to be an entrepreneur

The closest contact would be when I read his bio and introduced him to the class

And as he makes his final presentation and exits the door, I am just his past

So I am back on twitter making another sub-tweet about my art work

Another poem I know he won’t see, but at least ‘you’ see it, Dear Diary,

I met him today… at least I thought I did.