You are not AlOnE

If life is a story then mental challenge is a page

Illness knows no mercy nor does it prefer an age

Not even gender too


Trying to bury your emotions in a plate of food

Writing your task list then forgetting what to do

Always telling yourself that you don’t belong

And every waking day it’s the same old song

‘I’m gonna be good today – no you’re not! Today I’m gonna be a….oh darn I forgot!


You don’t wanna be called special because you link that to a disability

Keeping it a secret because you are afraid of the community

Because some idiot, who’s ignorant might call you crazy….

But I say… the world could use a little crazy


Special is not disabled…it’s being unique,

You have a purpose on this land but you’re too negative to see it

Drop self-hate! Unveil self-appreciation

Love yourself and begin to teach your nation

There is so much we can do if we just begin to accept our reality

Stop exiling the victim and begin to help your family

Because the truth is, we are all a little crazy

Some of us just haven’t been diagnosed

Today, for her, but tomorrow, who knows?


Empower! Educate! Accept! Embrace!

The world is everyone’s home

And I don’t care what your diagnosis is I just know you are not alone





In support of World Mental Health Day – October 10, 2017




Lost your mind

Sometimes I wonder if you wonder about me

or am I drifting in the back of your mind like the other useless thoughts?

Am I easily forgotten or have I stained a place next to your priorities?

But then again, I have answered my own questions…

I mean if you wondered about me, would I be here wondering if you wonder about me?alone-beach-bear-beautiful-cute-just-wondering-favim-com-70436_large

Finding me…

I would like to take the time to introduce myself to myself

Show myself the strengths and confidence that exists

Reveal all the secrets, fears and doubts and begin to tell the truth to myself

google image

And even as I throw all these skeletons out…I look forward to learning other things myself forgot to mention when I was introducing myself to myself….

Watch me, make me happen!

I will not let you walk through my mind with your dirty feet!

You won’t corrupt my thoughts against my ideas!

I will not let you open windows in my head to let in dirty air

To stain the positives I have built my brain on

You will not ruin what I built

I am the only one allowed to stand in my way, and even I won’t let myself stop me!

Twisted Ts






Repeated, repeated, repeated

Too much to do, too little time

Too much thoughts in my mind at the same time

Things to do tomorrow and today

but I can’t think about that now so I’d have to think about those tomorrow

Since these are on my mind now, these? what was I thinking about again?

I can’t even remember … maybe tomorrow I’ll finish this poem

Do You Wonder?

Have you ever found yourself between two lovers?

Or one specific day everyone wants to break up with partners?

Can such coincidences happen on one day?

Have you ever seen it coming but don’t know what to say?

You ask yourself….

What am I here for, what’s my purpose?

You hide your feelings, but in your little corner you lust

You secretly hide it

You don’t have a choice

The tears are there, they change the tone of your voice


You see the one you want and stare

But its only for a moment, you feel scared

You act on your feelings, right there at that time

But what about after, how is it going change your life?

Sometimes you wish the world could be modified to your likings

That you could share with everyone your thoughts and feelings

It’s strange how they say your true love is always in front of you

But everyone is saying it, so what do you do?