Worrying, sweating, pacing..biting my nails away

getting flustered, almost shaking, wondering if you will be home today

Praying, muttering, imagining, talking to myself

I need this, need this more than anything else



Waiting on my turn

waiting-for-you-in-park-wallpaperWaiting on my turn…to really smile again

So many doors shut in my face, some slightly opened and others just send me peeping through a tiny hole

When will it be my time to walk through and lose myself in bliss…



Please stop rolling film…

I am out of energy trying to keep up appearances

I cannot continue without my mojo –maman

I am tired of pretending to smile when the hurt pounds behind my eyes

Trying to stay in character while a part of me is left on the other side...of the fence

Stop this pretense-

Turn of the lights…Director, CUT! THE SHOW IS OVER DAMMIT!


Since October 9, 2015

Break these walls!



I’ve been driving all night to see you

The days seem longer and the clock moves slower-

Like the universe takes pleasure in throwing challenges between us

I’ve bitten all my nails to the point they bleed like my heart does

But even when I cry, I cry only because I am yet to see you.

My heart feels like it’s going in a straight line but my head runs in circles

So many voices shouting negatives, positives, pity, anger and pretense

But I only hear you-

You telling me you need me and my heart saying “ditto”

All it takes is for someone to truly love you so that they can feel lost without you near, but unfortunately I am on the only one who feels this…and worse…I cannot do it alone

So who will break the barriers between us? because I need you

Close enough

Passing by where you are and wondering if you can feel me near

It sounds silly but just being as close as the gate means something

It’s better at the gate than not knowing where you are

But even though I try to comfort myself with imaginations

It will never be the same as it was on September 29th  when I had you in my arms…and we were very happy

I miss you, so bad, it hurts.

Dear Ms. Henry

Dear Ms. Henry,

For you I will REMEMBER how you laughed, in classes and in your office

Those jokes you told without us noticing that you were inserting a life long lesson

I will REMEMBER how you LISTENED and not just heard..you listened because you CARED

I will REMEMBER you as being more than just a lecturer,


You were a  FRIEND

I will REMEMBER talking to you on facebook because you just wanted to catch up on how i was doing even though i left college over a year ago

I would wish on a shooting star to have one more day with you again…

Just enough time to tell you THANK YOU, I don’t think I ever really said it and for you touch my life like I was the first student you got close to is POWERFUL because somehow with all the craziness in your own life, you found time to make SO MANY STUDENTS feel just the same

For you Ms. Charmaine Henry…I WILL always REMEMBER YOU.

Charmaine Henry

Charmaine Henry

Tribute to Charmaine Henry who passed away on Monday, July 27, 2015

Girl meets boy…

google image

Once upon a time a girl met a boy-

He taught her trust, happiness and friendship

She taught him love, fun and adventure

Their story didn’t make it to a romance novel but it did make for a good comic

They were two chapters into the book of life.

A girl met a boy… a good boy, who grew into a man

Sad to say she now writes her story with sadness in her heart

Because that man died….

But the story of girl meeting boy…will not be forgotten

For the Benjamin family in memory of Dwaine Benjamin

aka Kenchy