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Keep riding



Ode to a breaking heart


It’s the sort of power that clips a bird’s wing and removes the air from their feathers ending their feeling of freedom

The sort of power that washes away memories and pain when your heart is breaking

The sort of power that compels and leaves you vulnerable

The sort of power that determines when you smile and decides just how long you cry

It’s the power of love

And sometimes the most dangerous thing is when the person with this power has no clue that they have it…

Go on and cry now…

Missing treasure

It’s a familiar feeling what you do to me,

I have felt this before-

Many times,

The lump in my throat, tears gathering behind my eyes

while I lie to the world and fake my smiles.

It’s almost a routine to me now.

After all the shimmer, at the end of the quest, it was only a fool’s gold.




Please stop rolling film…

I am out of energy trying to keep up appearances

I cannot continue without my mojo –maman

I am tired of pretending to smile when the hurt pounds behind my eyes

Trying to stay in character while a part of me is left on the other side...of the fence

Stop this pretense-

Turn of the lights…Director, CUT! THE SHOW IS OVER DAMMIT!


Since October 9, 2015

Out in the COLD

Out in the cold I’m thrown for the wolves to have their way with me

Makes no sense calling for HELP…it doesn’t matter, no one is listening

It is no coincidence that on the same day I lost my most precious gift I lost my home as well

Being kicked while I am down, having dirt thrown in my face and even then I clung to hope that this will be a dream and I’d wake between the sheets of my happiest memories

But here I am shivering with scars still bleeding and the only thing keeping me alive is AIR


Her flame lights the seas, she guides lonely hearts home

She stands there, alone, in the dark as a muse for you

Every pain she feels is not her first time, but she repeats these harsh realities for you

She knows how it feels to be lonely, what it means to be ignored and heart broken but she risks it all to learn how to love you

Even in the roughest weather, she stands there still, cold and battered, guiding you home with her flame

She is your light house…even though she knows that on your good days, your brighter days, when you no longer need her, you will overlook her-

She stands here still, in the middle of the seas, waiting until you need her light again

Our journey

With pieces of me wrapped around your fingers I can feel your pain

I might never have the right words to say

But I am want to be your reason to go on

I can never take away the memories of the persons you have lost, and I don’t want to

But I want to be the one who gives you a reason to smile

I don’t want you to stop living because you are sad,

You miss them yes, and you always will-

Everyday won’t be easy-

But at least when you take on each day, I will be right next to you

One day at a time, that is all I ask

For Ger and to all thinking you have lost too much

Trigger finger

Words of anger being thrown on RIPPED paper

with Sharpened points to PIERCE a pure white slate-

they are SPLASHED across the pages like the remains from a mighty SWORD.

Exhaling through my palms what you are too DEAF to HEAR.

SCREAMING from my thoughts; the SILENCE is deafening.

Writing ANGER through my trigger FINGERS

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Since everyone is too busy to listen…