Aunty C – Safire visits Uncle Joey’s farm

Safire_UncleJoeyI decided to follow my passion and dive into a dream. I wrote and designed my children’s book series entitled”Aunty C” . Aunty C children books are aimed to educate, entertain and for the busy mom and dads ‘distract our lovely children for at least a few minutes :). Each book will bring parents and their little ones on an exciting story-telling adventure with surprise activities!.

© Copyright 2017 Crystal (Blake) Morrant.
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The bottom line…

Sometimes the mind gets cloudy, images are a blur and memories linger

It’s usually a down time, a moment when the place is dark and the mood calls for thinking outloud

In these moments the past surfaces, fears strengthen and volunerability is heightened

The true test comes when you are attacked while your down because in this moment decisions are unclear, moods swing and thoughts sway

Can you really love in a dark moment?

I say to you…that even when the thoughts sway and volunerability heightens and when wrong seems right in the darkest nights…even then I CHOOSE YOU


For Gerald

Tears of sunshine

Wearing a frown on that face is like vandalizing fine art

Rather, showcase your fine art complimented with smiles and peace of mind in this gallery called life

Having nothing more than tears of sunshine

Because nothing is more important than your happiness and happiness is contagious.


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because I don’t want to be mindful of screams and moans

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The neighbours next door might hear but I don’t care

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because I don’t want to bite nails and talk in codes

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so that I can say dirty things, stupid things, things that Disney wouldn’t recommend

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like the things banned from cartoons

Dressed in nothing but our tattoos

Dine between my thighs

drink from the fountain of my lips like fine wine

Make traces of your journey on my skin so that I may be reminded in the morning

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Unleash the true colours of daddy’s little girl

Be the memory I can never share with children

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for: @JayFizze




Craving it,

it’s like I need it to survive, I want to visit the stars

reaching the peak like a wolf on a full moon

I want to evolve into that beast, unleashing my darkest thoughts

It’s my secret I want to share with you,

No holding back, nothing but our tattoos on,

just skin

I want this moment to be just one of those nights….