Movin’with the punches

Maybe we will make it until tomorrow

At this point I am willing to start with at least that

Even though you are not really good for me…you still seem like a pretty good bad idea


Keep riding



A Mother’s Cry

She remembers the pain she felt

When he came

She wondered and searched for

The perfect name

She was the first to feel his touch

No other being could love him as much

As she does, he’s her bundle of laughter

She stood by him even with the absence of a father


She taught him, she was a teacher

She stood strong, she was a father

She embraced him, she was a mother

She provided, she was a bread winner

She was there for his first steps

Her name was his first words, she’ll never forget

She watched him grow into the man

His father was not

She saw him as an angel, she loved him a lot


And now you took him away

And expect her to live out the days

While she remembers, while she mourns

It was yesterday for her that he was born

She died, when he died

No emotion compares to a mother’s cry