Movin’with the punches

Maybe we will make it until tomorrow

At this point I am willing to start with at least that

Even though you are not really good for me…you still seem like a pretty good bad idea


Tears of sunshine

Wearing a frown on that face is like vandalizing fine art

Rather, showcase your fine art complimented with smiles and peace of mind in this gallery called life

Having nothing more than tears of sunshine

Because nothing is more important than your happiness and happiness is contagious.

Departure 2

First mom and now you

This is becoming too familiar

Airports are now my worst fears

They have been known to kidnap the ones I love the most

It’s been a little too frequent that I am to watch while you disappear behind those gates

And even though I share your joy in your accomplishments

Reality is it never makes it easy to watch you leave,

even if its to watch you walk into another room…so imagine another country



For Gerald: Just hurry up and come home

Mystery mood

Having one of those days when I am not looking forward to later or tomorrow or even the rest of the week

been a rush of mixed emotions from morning

A bit of ANGER, sadness,  a little of mo0diness and some others that I cannot fully explain

Source: It’s somewhere between last week Thursday and the weekend we just passed

I am not sure what It is, but I know I didn’t stop to notice the view I would smile at in the mornings

didn’t smile at the door this morning

didn’t take that deep fresh of air in the Monday morning

What am I even talking about…I am not even in the mood to write anything today …

till then bye reader

Catching Teardrops


Biting my lips and hoping you don’t notice it



Holding on nothing more than maybe just my pride



catching droplets in my hand 


As I bleed through my eyes… you can take everything 





1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 










Blank Page

That white sheet of paper begging to be scribbled upon

If you have time it would be nice if you could use those curly lines

I heard they call it calligraphy

Ink dripping, mind blowing, intensity of thought

to create a design on this blank sheet of paper

……………frustrated its been minutes…hours…days…. years …

still no idea of what to put there..where to start…..

Rip this page….

better yet crumble it and throw it with other pile of blank pages

Like the blank pages of my past…

still managed to have this page in front of me

My life feels like the blank page you crumbled yesterday…

and though you gave me a new leaf at 12 last night still

i haven’t managed to write anything this morning