T’was a nice morning

It was so good watching you smile, hearing you laugh and feeing your touch–

Was so comforting listening to your stories and erupting in laughter to your jokes

The journey with you, no matter how short, is a source of adrenaline

I guess that’s how mornings are when you are inlove…or maybe that’s how mornings are when last night was so much fun!

Loving you blind

To love you is to carry you with me everyday, not seeing you but still feeling a connection between us…yearning to be next to you because that is where home is

To love you is to sacrifice my happiness for yours, because when you are happy so am I, either way I am smiling

To love you is to drown myself in tears trying to explain how I feel but I just can’t seem to get the right words out…or make any sense at all

To love you is to close my eyes and allow my heart to wander carelessly in the dark because I have no limits, no boudaries and intentions to stop

To love you is to love you blind…Am I making any sense yet?

Ode to a breaking heart


It’s the sort of power that clips a bird’s wing and removes the air from their feathers ending their feeling of freedom

The sort of power that washes away memories and pain when your heart is breaking

The sort of power that compels and leaves you vulnerable

The sort of power that determines when you smile and decides just how long you cry

It’s the power of love

And sometimes the most dangerous thing is when the person with this power has no clue that they have it…

Go on and cry now…

Missing treasure

It’s a familiar feeling what you do to me,

I have felt this before-

Many times,

The lump in my throat, tears gathering behind my eyes

while I lie to the world and fake my smiles.

It’s almost a routine to me now.

After all the shimmer, at the end of the quest, it was only a fool’s gold.




Sometimes it’s not even in the words he speaks, no, it’s in his fingertips, have you ever been touched so good that you feel at home in his arms?
Beads of perspiration trickling as he arouses your nerve endings…
He creeps from behind and whispers in your ears…words you would never want your mom to hear because she needs to feel like you are still a “good little angel”
But he broke your wings a long time ago, hell, he has broken a lot of things you use to have…
He is your weak fence, he knows the corners you try to keep a secret, he is so bad for you that it feels so good
He is toxic! but his poison is the sweetest way to die
I’m addicted to his bad influences

—haha I have this bad habit of thinking out loud

A song called…

google image

Thoughts of you flow through my mind like classical music…

WAVES of emotions trickling …teasing my senses

AROUSED by flashes of your eyes, the way you smile

I’d touch you and make beautiful music

You make love to my mind when I see your face…I squirt fantasies of passion with you

The distance is unbearable but close enough to not drive me crazy…yet

This song is endless, the chorus is contagious…

this song..is a bed time song…

daylight song…

this song… is called kate