Little piece of nothing

Sometimes there is nothing to hold on to but we get so scared that we create fantasies and imagine what we want to see ….

So that…that way we can live in our excuses as to why we are still there …

Hanging on desperately to nothing


– Crystal




Your scars are beautiful, they show me strength, courage and POWER

Power over the BUMPS in life and PAIN that a sad day can bring

Let me kiss your beautiful head after you have SHAVED

I watch you shed the weight

You are a NEW WOMAN, re birthed and so you must LIVE for your sisters

And your life will honour those who didn’t survive life’s BUMPS



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There was a crashing sound, I jumped out of my sleep

With my eyes still half shut I tried to make out what was happening

SHE was in tears on the ground fighting a shadow over her

This dark shadow was moving very fast

Without thinking I ran over –

Wrapped my arms as tight as I could to help HER

But he was stronger than me, than US

He swung me from him his side which landed me in the wall

The lamp on the table was shattered and some broken glass cut me

I sat there BLEEDING as TEARS and BLOOD ran from me

I sat there HELPLESS on the floor looking at HER

HE was enraged with so much ANGER that he didn’t notice me and what he’d done

So SHE ran to ME

Even though she had her fair share of bruises – SHE still RAN to ME


ESCAPE HIM, not sure what the next step would be but-




  • For all WOMEN



Call to battle

I will sound the signal and call to battle my mightiest warrior to fight for me

I will humble myself and watch from a distance the victory I am to receive

Why should I worry about a fight when I have an army of soldiers ready to stand on my behalf

The enemy won’t even see it coming and even if  he does, he cannot escape it

because when my soldiers put on their Armour, led by my crowned knight

There is no losing for me

Invisible rope

It’s saved me many times, my invisible rope, unseen but felt between my palms when needed

So many high cliffs I’ve come close to the edge to fall but so far I have been held back


Sometimes I’ve thought of taking my self to the edge to end it all…but there is something keeping me together

Someone maybe?

Or anything, my invisible rope can be trust, hope, faith, a memory, someone I love, someone I think loves me or a reason to be available tomorrow-

Something to pull me in when I am about to fall off life’s high cliffs.

I think God is my invisible rope