There was a crashing sound, I jumped out of my sleep

With my eyes still half shut I tried to make out what was happening

SHE was in tears on the ground fighting a shadow over her

This dark shadow was moving very fast

Without thinking I ran over –

Wrapped my arms as tight as I could to help HER

But he was stronger than me, than US

He swung me from him his side which landed me in the wall

The lamp on the table was shattered and some broken glass cut me

I sat there BLEEDING as TEARS and BLOOD ran from me

I sat there HELPLESS on the floor looking at HER

HE was enraged with so much ANGER that he didn’t notice me and what he’d done

So SHE ran to ME

Even though she had her fair share of bruises – SHE still RAN to ME


ESCAPE HIM, not sure what the next step would be but-




  • For all WOMEN




My box of CRAYONS

A box of crayons so I can colour the world as I see it

Maybe I will colour the trees purple instead of green,

The sky pink instead of blue-

For the life of me I think water should have a colour…mmm maybe aqua?

I wonder if God had a box of crayons when he painted this world?

Looking back would he have coloured me BLACK? if he knew colouring you WHITE would cause a war?

What about the LATINOS? what colour would he have used if he knew all the conflicts and disunity it would cause

Or maybe he saw it the way I do…seeing a box of crayons and thinking how BEAUTIFUL they look TOGETHER…

RED, BLACK, WHITE, PURPLE, PINK, GREEN, then we mix them and made a COLOUR WHEEL

If we can see the RAINBOW as beautiful with all its colours…why then do we have RACISM?

for the life of me…I just love my box of CRAYONS!

Drained 1

Out of many one people

Is that only applied to Africans and Indians?

But what if I am a lesbian

What if I don’t decide to be a lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold a “man

And not even me, my brothers too who are beaten everyday, for holding hands and singing songs

and sometimes it is not even real

Sometimes they are branded for putting a foot on stage in a theater to entertain you

Because I wear a ring on my thumb, I am forced to choose to your beliefs and your choices

As though it is wrong to be me

Freedom of speech? No I choose the freedom to leave