There was a crashing sound, I jumped out of my sleep

With my eyes still half shut I tried to make out what was happening

SHE was in tears on the ground fighting a shadow over her

This dark shadow was moving very fast

Without thinking I ran over –

Wrapped my arms as tight as I could to help HER

But he was stronger than me, than US

He swung me from him his side which landed me in the wall

The lamp on the table was shattered and some broken glass cut me

I sat there BLEEDING as TEARS and BLOOD ran from me

I sat there HELPLESS on the floor looking at HER

HE was enraged with so much ANGER that he didn’t notice me and what he’d done

So SHE ran to ME

Even though she had her fair share of bruises – SHE still RAN to ME


ESCAPE HIM, not sure what the next step would be but-




  • For all WOMEN




Cheers to life!

STAND for something that is good

Be able to look each other in the eyes be honest

Love a lot, let it consume you

Be happy, find reasons just to smile

Stop trying to hurt each other, there is no gain from it

TAKE the high road, because no one wants to hate the person we see in the MIRROR

Peace is easier than you think…

Just shut up and LIVE GOOD!

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Lead the pack

Sometimes you don’t get to be the one to call for help

You are the HELP

It gets tiring because even sometimes you would want to be held by superman too

BUT when you are SUPERMAN

You don’t get to run…

You just have to push through it, fight through it, get up off the ground and LEAD THE PACK!

Tribute to Mom

Perfection does not mean the exclusion of flaws

Just as Success does not mean always getting it right

Perfection means staying true to who you are

Success means staying optimistic in aid of perseverance

Which all combines to define strength

Then when you mold a woman with all these characters

She is defined as a strong woman

A mother

My mother

So thank you for staying true to you

For leaving footprints that I can never fill

But prints that I can use to guide myself

Happy Mother’s Day for all the years to come

Happy Birthdays for all the birthdays to come

And even Happy Heroes day for always being my HERO.



For all great women…mothers…daughters…females

Dawn Lindo

#International #Women’s #Day

Rosa Parks

Nanny of the Maroons

Dr. Louise Bennett-Ms Lou

Fae Ellington-Aunty Fae

Michelle Obama

Tessanne Chin

Gill Scott



“inserts every name of the all the women I admire for various reasons”

It is not just a name but a journey, for long women have written historical stories

Made footprints on a walk and currently we continue this walk, continuing where they stopped

Maybe you are not a President’s wife but you are a mother and just orientating your child in becoming a worth while citizen is just as heroic as any journey on a slave ship

My ancestors were whipped so that I could write blogs about poetry

Even now some women in the world are still in the dark ages

Some are restricted based on their customs and beliefs

But here I tweet, facebook, intagram

Expectations placed on us to bring children, be a lady, cook the dinner, be independent, be submissive …its all confusing because the list is long

So I say forget the list written by society!

Disregard the definition of what ‘they’ think a woman should be and just be YOU

because at the end of the day, people only treat you the way you allow them.

behind the shadows

Trembling hands, a rush of pulse not enough time to bite your nails

why me? why now? who is it? what is he going to do?

so many questions not enough time for answers

what will i do? plan a, plan b, which will i choose?

who says it is up to you?

so you wait… on him to attack first

sitting down panting but trying to keep a cool head, you hear him outside

rocking back and forth to feel a sense of control

This moment, when it is all up to you …

you could live another day and write a poem or this could be it!


but I am not “OK”

For victims who survived or unfortunately suffered from violent attacks, always remember


Woman Incorporated (Crisis Centre). Address: 18 Ripon Road, Kingston 5. Phone: (876) 929-9038. Fax: (876) 926-9418. Email: w.i.crisiscenter@cwjamiaca.

For the states hope this link helps: http://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/North_America/

So you hit her?

You didn’t punch her head in the wall
But you made her feel like she was nothing to you
You didn’t slap her in the face
But you cheated
You didn’t break a bone
But you broke her joy
You didn’t let her bleed-blood
But she bled tears….
Physically you never in your life have beaten a woman
But throughout your entire life you have caused more bruises than any punch…